“Man’s Search For Happiness”

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Here I am thinking about being on the happiness road

It’s also cloudy and bumpy, at least the one I rode

I thought maybe I took the wrong road

So I went searching for another road


I started thinking

I thought

and I thought

and I thought

I’m still thinking

One day I thought

Maybe happiness is something I should be rethinking


Sometimes I’m happy

Some other times I’m not unhappy

Occasionally I’ve been unhappy

Mostly I’m just doing

what I do


Where does the word happy show up?

When does it show up?

It’s pretty new


Maybe a bit later, that makes it really new


John Locke

John Locke

In your mind was unlocked

The phrase

In pursuit of happiness

It is now our most famous phrase


In the Christian world

Happiness comes

When you are dead and in heaven

And then only if you qualify for heaven


In pursuit of happiness

Suits me

Maybe the idea of a happiness road

Is what I mean


I’ve worked hard

It’s caused feelings of happiness

Not all the time

There are pain filled times


The death of my people

Along that way is a trail of tears

I know what sad is

Depression too


What has occupied my journey most of the time?

Not all the time

But happiness is there much of the time

The Impossible Becomes Possible