Love In Florence

My wife went in to buy a pair of shoes
Actually, she wanted two pairs of shoes

She felt obliged to only buy the one pair
She left, I crept in and bought the other pair

The young women in the store gave a cheer
I surprised my wife when I gave her the second pair

She too put her hands together and let out a tiny cheer
What a wonderful moment when we each bought a pair

I felt love in the air
I combed my hair
She wore the second pair

So it was as we felt the breeze of the early night’s air
Walking to our favorite place to dine

Too bad we don’t drink fine

At night’s end,
she let out a deep breath as she slipped off her shoes
I asked if she was ok? She replied she was fine

I now know why she didn’t buy that second pair of shoes
Her feet did not feel fine

She wanted me to feel fine
when I crept back to buy that second pair

So it is when love is in the air
Love works even with an ill-fitting pair
of finely