Lost MY Testimony?

The moment I was billed as having lost my testimony,
and religious philosophy,
and that all had dissolved.

I requested the billing change to read my testimony
and philosophy
continue to evolve.

But the billing continued to read “lost my testimony”
It dissolved.

That’s what listeners tuned in to hear.
Here’s my point if anyone cares to hear.

The word lost
means you had something
you no longer have.

The word evolve
means you have
which you still have.

When I became interested
in architecture,
I thought classical styles
were by far the best.

As my tastes evolved,
I thought modern styles
were by far the best.

No one was upset
when my tastes
In architecture evolved.

But evolve
In religious

No, you
either have a firm
or it dissolves

I can see this
point of view,
after all
never dissolves

It gets down to how you believe life evolves.
Is life like cement or water?
Is life like little solid bee bees or free-floating energy?
Is life ordered or random at the center?

For me, it is water, energy, and randomness.
From there, this amazing life evolves.

So I take what I have and let it evolve.
Nothing in the universe,
not even a testimony,