Living In A Purely Digital World

If you existed inside a digital world, this is what you would see.

First, you would notice that whatever your brain and eyes focused on would appear in the exact same place you were. For example, if you focused on the Eiffel Tower, it would appear in the same place you were standing. Rather than seeing its steel structure you would see the configuration of trillions of 1and 0’s (the digital alphabet). Of course this wouldn’t bother you, because as you focused on your body you would see that your body was 1and 0’s, and that your body and the Eiffel Tower were using the same 1and 0’s, in the same position at the same time.

If you wanted to see more than the Eiffel Tower, in fact if you wanted to see everything, you would focus your mind and everything that exists would all be existing where you were existing. You would see them all entangled.

In the digital world of 1’s and 0’s, time, distance, friction and restriction collapse.

The information Age, the Computer Age, the Digital Age, the Age of Genetics all mean the same thing. At the core of all this there is an alphabet of two symbols – a 1 and a 0.

There are an infinite number of 1’s and 0’s. They never run out. When everything in existence is broken down to a series of 1’s and 0’s, distance, time, shape, dimension, scientific laws become irrelevant.

You can combine 1’s and 0’s into anything you want to.

Slowly our lives are being governed by this reality.

If you went to the very center of the universe, what would be there? 1 and 0.

What is a 1? What is a 0?

I’ve concluded that it is not important to know what they are. What you need to know is that everything comes from these two symbols.

All that we think is impossible is possible by accepting these two symbols.

For example I grew up in my religion being taught that God does not transcend the laws of the universe that he created. With 1’s and 0’s, that is not the case. 1’s and 0’s are far more fundamental that the laws of the universe. The laws of physics break down at a certain point, but not 1’s and 0’s.

These two symbols are far more fundamental than E= mc (squared).

If I were pushed to be more specific on a definition of these two symbols, I would say they are the skeleton of information. Information that comes up on your mobile phone is a product of 1’s and 0’s.

If I were pushed to become even more precise I would say that 1’s and 0’s are the bridge that turns electrons into information.

One last attempt: 1’s and 0’s are information.

The core of the universe is information. Not knowledge. Knowledge is applied information. Information has no boundary, no core truth, no eternal code. It’s just information. With information, any creation is possible. Any set of scientific laws are possible.

The Imagination

Human Imagination is a critical quality when dealing with 1’s and 0’s. Because 1’s and 0’s have no friction or restrictions impeding them, only extreme imagination captures the possibilities of this digital alphabet.

For example, ancient Greek mythology is imagination set on fire. The myths are made up stories about gods and heroes who have extraordinary powers and qualities. Some like Eros were described as having wings and could fly. As time marched on these myths were accepted as fictional, but literary in the sense of trying to explain the origins of life and nature.

With the development of science Greek myths were put into a category of fiction and superstition. In our modern times Greek mythology is considered less than science function. Interesting to read and enjoy but not coming close to being real, or even possibly real.

Science had boxed in Greek mythology. Not only were they fictional representations of the processes of life, but irrelevant as a symbolic explanation of the processes of life. If I have a religion, science would be it. But science has a way of putting limits on life. For goodness sake don’t get on science’s wrong side. Science can make you look superstitious.

But I beg to differ with that. I no longer believe in limits in the universe. Take discounted Greek mythology. When we see Yves Rossy fall out of a balloon and in mid-air unfold his carbon shaped wings and fly across the English Channel using his body as a bird does to navigate the sky, we see the literal fulfillment of Greek mythology.

I no longer believe there are things that remain in the realm of the impossible. As we continue to understand the ultimate ability of 1’s and 0’s to create, we will understand there is no ultimate power, there is only infinite imagination.

With the digital world of 1’s and 0’s, the speed of light is superseded. There is no greater evidence than that imagination combined with digital 1’s and 0’s is infinite in scope. Ultimate laws of the universe are illusory. Ultimate power is now its own myth.