I’ve Seen Enough

America is in a period of insanity, diversity and creativity.

If you think social media and podcasts will end you are indulging in insanity.

If you think racial and cultural diversity will lead to anarchy you are insane.

If you think the free flow of creativity will cripple the goodness of our children you are absolutely insane.

Here’s America’s future agenda: Take a major risk on creating a new deal for the working class like we did for the farmers and G.I.’s during and after the Great Depression and WW2.

What does this include: Free education for the first twenty years, including strong and aggressive preschool and graduate school education all customized to each student’s and society’s needs;

The complete overhaul of America’s bridges, roads, buildings, freeways, and mass transit systems;

The courage and determination to cooperate and out compete China according to a set of rules that China’s agrees to honor;

The redistribution of wealth allowing the middle and working classes to have fifty percent more cash in their bank accounts accounts and wallets;

. . . That’s for starters.

Now for the hard stuff: Let immigration cool off allowing everyday Americans to absorb the cultural disruptions that have occurred over the past twenty years.

This would include a clear vision to emerge on what America’s shared values are.

Shared values would include respect and acceptance for different skin color, sexual orientation, religious and secular orientation, and support for the rule of law.

A profile of a successful America will need to emerge. An example would be an American who is healthy by virtue of having strong health insurance, an American who has a guaranteed minimum wage, an American who has strong literacy skills including strong math and reading skills, and strong language skills in English.

Above all else an average American should be guaranteed a strong sense of security wherever they may live.

Where do we get the money to accomplish the above? First, we have plenty of money. Next, money is not the issue, cooperation among political leaders is far more important. Last, during WW2 our national debt was much higher on a percentage basis than it is now, so the importance of investing with a determination of return on investment is key to America’s continual lead as the hope of the world.

You’re The Winner With A Little Bit Of Cash In Your Pocket