It’s All Opinion.

Want to know what people in power positions are thinking on any given issue?

Just listen to your extended family talk when you all get together for thanksgiving. It’s basically the same.

Yeap, that’s what I’ve experienced.

No matter how much education and worldly success people attain, when it comes to stating their opinions they’re usually kind of . . . well, loony.

I’ve been in meetings where senior executives have given their “considered opinion” on issues that have shocked me. It was like listening to my crazy uncle when he got drunk. Even at the young age of seven, I realized my uncle seemed to go “a bit off the range.”

One time at the dinner table, after a couple of drinks, my uncle started talking about God, and turned to me and said that God lived on Mars. My mother told him to stop, but he said that I deserved to know the truth. My aunt then corrected my uncle and said that God lived on Kolob.

“Where’s kolob?” I asked.

“Close to Mars,” my uncle replied.

“Where’s Mars?” I asked.

“Good question,” my uncle said. “I’m not sure, but it’s close.”

Twenty years later, I was in a discussion with fellow “religion scholars” when someone said that the world deserved to know where “God lives.”

“Where’s that?” I asked.

“Kolob ,” was the answer.

“Where’s Kolob?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” was the answer. “But, it’s close.”

“Close as Mars?” I asked.

“Pretty close.”

Are these scholars as crazy as my drunken uncle? Or, is my drunken uncle as smart as these scholars?

My Aunt Mabel said my uncle was the dumbest man she ever met, let alone married. I reminded my aunt that it was she who said God lived on Kolob, not my uncle.

“Well, that’s better than saying God lives on Mars, isn’t it?”

Moral of this whole story? It’s all opinion. Don’t put too much trust, if any, in people’s OPINIONS, no matter how powerful, smart, or drunk they may be. That includes my favorite aunt.