Isn’t It? Or, Is It?

To own a black slave in

antebellum America was

extremely lucrative.

A slave was worth over

eleven thousands dollars

in today’s currency.

Slaves planted and picked

crops worth hundreds of millions

of dollars in today’s currency.

Slave owners were multi-millionaires

in today’s currency.

So when slave owners realized the

practice of slavery might end, they

were willing to do anything to save

their wealth. They were full of fear.

Can you blame them for starting a war?


During the Spanish Inquisition, starting in

1478, Jews and Muslims were given a choice.

Join the Catholic Church or leave the country.

Over four centuries there were twists and

Turns;  those Jews  who converted were

called conversos, and those Muslims who

converted were called Moriscos. Eventually

it was determined that forced conversion

didn’t work. So expulsion, torture, hanging

and murder were employed. Can you blame

the monarchs of Spain, and their  fellow

participants, the popes of Rome, for enforcing

such a policy? Jews and Muslims were a threat

to Christian sovereignty. Surely you can see their



All combatants of World War 1 were convinced

of one thing: Jewish Intellectuals were responsible

for causing the war. Jews were thought to be in

conspiracy working for both sides to cause the

war. This kind of thinking reached a boiling point

in Europe leading up to World War 2. Germany

took the lead in purging Jews from their homeland.

When expelling became too expensive and slow,

they killed Jews. Now really, can you blame them

for their actions? Jews were seen as a threat to

German safety and sovereignty. Surely you can

appreciate their concern. Can’t you?


In 1887 America had had enough of the Mormons.

Having freed the slaves of the south they turned

to confiscating the Church’s property,and hunting

down its leaders and  throwing them in prison. For

what? For practicing polygamy. Can you blame

the government for supporting the standard  of

one man, one woman In marriage. The Church’s

prophets cried out that this was a violation of their

constitutional right to practice their religion. But you

can hardly blame the government for their actions

can you? It’s one man married to one woman that

counts. Right?


Presently,I’m observing something of the same

pattern in my own religion. This time, it has

nothing to do with black slaves or Jews or Muslims or

polygamists, but with homosexuals. Church leaders

are hunting down, confronting, charging, disciplining and

excommunicating Mormon same sex married couples to

ensure they’re purged from the flock. Children of same sex

couples are to be denied a christening, a name,

a baptism, and an opportunity to serve a mission unless

at eighteen years of age they disavow same sex marriage

and remove themselves from the homes of their parents.

Same sex married couples and their children are being purged

because they are seen as a threat to the eternal doctrine

of one man, one woman marriage. Gays can remain in the Church

If they promise not to have intimate relationships with the same

sex. These gays are not slaves, conversos, Moriscos, or

polygamists, they’re just eunuchs. You can see why

the Church’s prophets are upholding the principle of one man,

one woman marriage can’t you?


Now that we understand why Southern plantation owners,

Spanish monarchs, Catholic popes, the United States

Congress, the German Nazi Party and modern day Mormon

prophets acted the way they did,  it’s easy to support their

decisions isn’t it? Or, is it?