Introvert And Extrovert

Locked up in my room

writing all day long,

answering to no one

but the thoughts of my soul,


once in awhile I go to public

events and it’s like the blowing

off a water main, my interaction

with people is quick, lively, open,

impulsive, unrestrained . . . ,


I live the life of an introvert in an

extrovert’s body, in public there’s

still a tinge of show,


I laugh, I love to joke and kid and let

loose with whatever comes out; I love

talking to women and joking with them,

asking them if they remember me from

high school, they try hard, but say they

can’t, then we laugh knowing I’m twenty

years beyond that,


I am capable of saying what’s on my mind, and

usually do, I try to see the grey in the sky, but

find myself looking above to a bluer sky, I’ve had

shit thrown my way, a lot of it, but so have you, and

we’ve made it through, so let’s pour a drink and throw

back, and sing a tune or two,


as the night night wears on and the party thins out, I like

sitting at the table with some guys and discussing what’s going

on in the world, why is Russia in Syria, why is congress bogged down,

I always hope to produce a thought that’s unique, because I hate repeating

what the news has said  that day,


when thoughts run low, we conclude the world is in a mess,

let’s be honest, the world has always been in a big fat mess, only

now it’s in a bigger mess because we can see it all right now; yes,we

see the mess, I like the messiness, it takes a lot of thought and table talk to

figure it all out, and at those parties I’m ready to do just that, these days I’m the

last one out.