Implications of a Quantum World Put To Poetry

Everyday there seems to be new discoveries in the quantum world, the world of the smallest things in existence. It is the world of the atom and its parts (electron, proton, and neutrons).

Evidence is building that the small world governs the big (biggest) world – gravity. It also guides the middle world that humans occupy. But there are few attempts to explain and describe how the quantum world operates at the personal level of our everyday behavior.

The following is my attempt to do so.

A poem about the quantum world in our everyday world


What’s the best position to be in?

The position you’re in.


What’s the best road to take?

The road you want to take.


Where should I want to go?

Where you want to go.


There is only one path that will take me to where I want to go?

There are an infinite number of paths that can take you to where you want to go.


But I have to be in a better position before I start to go to where I want to go.

Any position you’re in right now is a good enough position to start to go to where you want to go.



Again there is no special position.

No special position, no future position, only your position.

There is no one way to where you want to go.

There are an infinite number of ways that will take you to where you want to go.


In the quantum world, there are no concrete starting or finishing points, as in “he started his life here and ended it there.” In the small world, there is no here and there. There are no specific positions or paths, because there is no other position that exists other than the one you happen to be in. There’s no one path to any destination, there are paths upon paths, upon paths.

As we slowly hook up our concrete world with the quantum world, we will find a world with no boundaries or inherent limitations. Digital computing is a baby step toward the unification of the small world with our middle world. Then quantum computing will be the next step. Instead of pounding out emails one letter or symbol at a time, we will produce four or five letters or symbols on the keyboard simultaneously.

I guess the following is the most interesting example of the impact the small world will have on our middle world: it is the idea of death. In the small world, the idea of death does not exist. As we interact more closely with the quantum world we will find that death is not an absolute prerequisite for being human. Change the quantum formula of our cells and you will see that if you die, you can be brought back to life, and if you engage in quantum formulas before you die, you will end up not dying.

As a management consultant, I use the above poem in graph form. I draw an x in the middle of the board, then I draw a 0 in another part of the board. I ask, if the x were you, and the 0 were the goal you wanted to reach, what would be the path you needed to take to reach your goal? They invariably draw a straight line from one point to the other. I then start drawing a board full of lines. I then say, in the quantum world all lines exist as paths to the goal. Take any path, change to another path if you want, take two paths simultaneously. They will all take you to your desired goal. As I said:

“How many paths are there to where you want to go?”

“There are an infinite number of paths to where you want to go.”

Alice in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll lived in a quantum world. Sitting along a riverside leading a middle world existence, she spots a rabbit who is dressed in a suit wearing a watch. He escapes down a rabbit hole. Alice follows and falls into a new world, a quantum world. There are many strange things like a Cheshire Cat that smiles and then disappears leaving his smile. There’s a house too small for her to enter, so she shrinks and enters easily. All this is descriptive of the strange world of quantum reality.

The rabbit hole dividing our middle world from the small quantum world is shortening. Soon, we will all become Alice.