Idea Economy

Great economies feast on new ideas. Without them, the economic life of citizens becomes stale and nauseatingly redundant.

What therefore causes new ideas?

One, ideapreneurs cause great ideas. These are people destined and designed to have ideas, new ideas. Ideapreneurs operate at a more fundamental level than entrepreneurs. In other words, ideapreneurs are entrepreneurs, but not all entrepreneurs are Ideapreneurs. The birth of the original idea is the exclusive domain of the ideapreneur.

Two, ideapreneurs act with a sense of freedom irrespective of the government they live under, authoritarian or democratic. (Note: authoritarian governments try to censor ideapreneurs. Democratic governments grow rich because of ideapreneurs.)

Three, ideapreneurs would never allow their ideas to be handed off to someone else to develop. Ideapreneurs do not allow any separation between themselves and their ideas.

Four, ideapreneurs do not let societal barriers and restrictions discourage them from working to make their new ideas grow.

Five, ideapreneurs reject societal definitions of success and failure. Ideapreneurs steer clear of the normal discourse of everyday conversation, and the people who engage in such activity. By definition, normal everyday conversation ties one to the mundaneness of everyday living. Ideapreneurs understand instinctively that normal discourse is another way, albeit subtle, to create a slave mentality. Ideapreneurs are nothing if not free from every kind of slavery imposed by institutions.

Six, ideapreneurs keep a healthy attitude when faced with challenges that need to be overcome. Ideapreneurs understand better than most that challenges sharpen mental activities leading to greater creativity, which is essential to cultivating and preparing the mind to give birth to fresh ideas.

Seven, ideapreneurs concentrate obsessively on continuously perfecting their ideas.

Eight, ideapreneurs understand that brining fresh ideas to fruition means living a solitary life. People are never more common and pack oriented than when trying to hold people back from introducing new ideas. Ideapreneurs shun herd mentality.

Nine, ideapreneurs understand that the idea cannot be separated from the gifts of imagination possessed by the ideapreneur, and therefore are grateful for the birth of ideas inside of themselves, to the extent of being willing, if it were possible, to be born anew, with the ideas they created sewn to the very center of their souls.

Ten, ideapreneurs are resilient, even in the face of personal sickness and tragedy, in carrying their ideas forward to full face value.

Eleven, ideapreneurs have robust personalities formed from their confidence in and comfort with the ideas they have given birth to.