I Think I Know Where God Is

To start, I’m going to try and describe the brain.

The brain is like an iceberg and a waffle.


The brain is like an iceberg. The part that is above the surface is the conscious brain, the part that is below the surface is the unconscious brain. There is more that goes on below the surface than above the surface. The conscious part of the brain is not aware of what goes on in the unconscious part of the brain.


Inside the folds of the gray matter of the brain is a structure that’s like a stack of waffles going up and down, and sideways. Wherever there is a space between each square of a waffle is a piece of information. Nothing in the universe has more stored information than in those stacked waffles.

Where Is God?

The center place from where God rules is in the brain. That’s because that’s where the greatest amount of information resides.

We can’t understand everything about god because god resides in the unconscious area of the brain as well as the conscious part of the brain. There’s more to god in the unseen part of the brain than the seen part of the brain.

God was nurtured in the brain where information creates knowledge. Where there are no brains, there is no god.

Was god born in the brain? Yes . . . in my opinion.