Green Tea: Lesson 18 Stomach Struggles

Stomach Cancer, Indigestion, IBD, Digestive Trouble, etc.

It’s a safe bet that you or someone close to you suffers from one of these common stomach ailments.

For starters, green tea:

  • is gentler on the stomach than coffee
  • stimulates the digestive system
  • helps burn calories
  • assists in breaking down food more quickly
  • neutralizes gas due to food intolerances
  • reduces inflammation

Cancer: The polyphenols specific to green tea have been found to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the stomach.

Studies suggest that those who drink green tea are nearly 50% less likely to develop stomach cancer than those who do not.

Gastrointestinal Ailments: For people suffering with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), ulcerative colitis, gastritis, or Crohn’s Disease, green tea may help reduce the inflammation from the outset.

People suffering from IBD are also at an increased risk of colon cancer, which recent studies have shown that green tea may help prevent.