Flexibility Is Built Into The Universe

I can’t resist concluding the universe is flexible. It’s constantly adjusting, moving, and changing.

I don’t believe there are immutable laws out there in the universe that are the same forever. There’s not something at the core of the universe.

I came to this conclusion while observing my own life and how it unfolded.

Several times my life was cast in a particular trajectory. But through the exercise of will and wishing, the trajectory changed.

I was stricken with polio. My right leg lost muscle and size. My walk, weight and running ability were all affected negatively. Notwithstanding the limitation, I played all three major sports to the best of my ability. But little by little, my ability to make higher level teams was upended. I was cut from teams.

Then by chance I started swimming. It was hard to kick effectively, so I compensated by building up my arm strength. I developed shoulder power, and continued to swim faster and faster. I became an athlete.

The polio was adjusted for. With that I grew up sensing that I could always find a way to compensate and achieve. From my perspective, life was flexible enough for me to create niches where I could achieve, notwithstanding barriers.

Life is just flexible enough where accommodation can be made for every human circumstance.

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That’s how I run my life. In other words there’s always a way.

Of course there are contradictions to my idea. For example my mother died of colon cancer when she was 58 years old. From start to finish it was four months. There was no way out for my mother. We tried, goodness knows we tried, but time ran out. My mother died. The laws of biology couldn’t be adjusted in my mother’s case.

If the laws of nature are flexible, why weren’t they flexible enough to adjust so that my mother could be spared?

I have two thoughts. One, time ran out on her, but the laws of biology have changed since then. As a result, time has not run out on me. Faced with the possibility of the same type of cancer, they caught mine at an early stage and eradicated it. The laws of nature changed from her time to my time. Things are not the same. If life were irreducible, then I should meet the same end my mother did, and my children the same, etc. But that is not and will not be the case for facing colon cancer.

Life is not irreducible. It moves, adjusts, improves. Life is not set. The universe is not set.

Two, I won’t be able to personally compensate for everything. Something will come along that I won’t be able to compensate for, and I will die too. So at this time there are things I can adjust for, and things I won’t be able to. But my children will have more power to adjust than I will, and their children the same.

So life is flexible up to a point, and to that degree I adjust. So, two things are at work to continually make life more and more flexible. One, my will and wishing within the flexibility that now exists. And two, the increased flexibility that comes with the passing of time and the advances of science.

So with time, the universe and its laws change, because we change. Laws change according to the point of time we exist in. As time passes and we are able to adjust, the laws which seemed so immutable continue to become more flexible. The implication of this is, given enough time and enough progress, the laws of nature become infinitely flexible.

We will forever be adjusting like clay in the hands of billions of sculptors.