Everything Alive Dies, But Cycles Back

No one likes the idea of dying, especially me. So, I’ve done a lot of thinking about how I will overcome death.

To my way of thinking I have three options.

One, what I am doesn’t go away. Biologically, we humans are part of what science calls an Open System. We interact with the environment. So at least when I die, I don’t go away. For example, the protons that hold me together will fly out, and become a part of a different system. I have a sense of peace when I think this way. Why? I’m not sure yet. But, I’m sensitive to new ideas that have a soothing effect on me.

Two, scientific breakthroughs will keep me alive. I’m awe struck by what’s coming down the pipeline. Right now, they could clone me. I would replicate myself over and over again. Or, they could go into my cells and cut out the mutant genes that will eventually cause me to die. I’m for these things. I have no choice, they’re here.

Three, God will bring me back to life. For example, every Christian orthodox religion teaches that Jesus died but resurrected after three days in the tomb. And because of this we’ll resurrect too when he comes back a second time at the time at the end of the earth. At least, that’s what my religion teaches.

If you could pick only one that would give you the greatest chance of staying intact, which one would you choose? Remember, only one.