I am fascinated with the smallest thing in the universe, the electron.

An electron is a fundamental particle, which means it’s not made of something smaller.

An electron creates electricity, which happens when it moves from one atom to another atom.

An electron creates lightening, which happened when electrons flow from one body to another body.

An electron creates light, which happens when it turns into a photon.

An electron protects the earth, which happens when it creates a magnetic umbrella around the earth.

An electron can be in two places at once, which no one has figured out how that happens.

An electron has been likened unto god. It protects, gives light, and is everywhere at the same time.

Enjoy Learning

At night when I’m starting to relax, I Google electron, and read as much as I am able about it. I have a passion for the electron.

I study the electron every night before I go to bed.

My mind works best when I study one thing. One thing leads to another thing, and before you know it, you see how one thing begins to be related to everything in the universe.

An electron is in every material thing you see – the rocks, the sand, the steel, the flower, the pebble, the dog, the cat, and the bee. What makes all these things different is the number of electrons in each.

Electrons are in everything you can’t see – the air, the wind, and space.

So if you want to study the meaning of life, you have to study the electron.

What has most intrigued me about the electron is that one electron can be in two different places at the same time. In addition it can be two different things at the same time. I’ve concluded that the electrons that make us up are intrinsically flexible. Because you and I are made of electrons, we have flexibility built into us. We are probably as flexible as we are fixed.

If the electron is at the center of things, the center must be more flexible than it is fixed.

SKYPE And The Electron

Did you know that electrons are at the heart of all digital technology. For example Skype technology is based on electrons. With a SKYPE application my image can be projected to France while my body sits at a desk in Salt Lake City. Likewise, France can be in my office while being set in, well, France.

Let’s use a hypothetical situation to explain.

Let’s say I’m conversing with a person in France and each of us is using an iPad with a SKYPE application. He can see me and I can see him. During the conversation, he walks outside, gets into his car and starts driving through the French countryside. He turns his iPad around so I can also see the countryside passing by. Hence, I am traveling in a car through the French countryside while I am sitting at my desk in Salt Lake City. I am in two places at the same time. I’m talking to my friend who is driving; we’re conversing about the countryside. We are essentially seeing the same thing at the same time. I tell him to stop, because I want to see the valley below. He does. He asks me what is it I like the most. I tell him. We both look out of the same window and marvel at the site. Simultaneously, I’m sitting at my desk looking out my window waving to my gardener who’s cutting the lawn. I turn my iPad toward the gardener, and my friend sees the gardener. He is now in two places also. The two of us are in two different places experiencing two different things simultaneously, yet we are able to act as if it were one unified experience. There is no space between the French countryside and Salt Lake City.

And do you know how much a Skype call like that costs? 2.3 cents per minute. I’m transported to France for $1.38 an hour.

Now how does that happen? It’s because our world is composed of tiny, flexible electrons. Right now smart people can make machines that exploit the flexibility of electrons so that we can do things like be in Salt Lake City while traveling with a friend through the French countryside.

Ultimately, with electrons making up the digital world, there isn’t anything we can’t create using a little bit of imagination.

Like Dough

If I had to liken electrons to cooking recipes, I would say that electrons are dough, to which you add ingredients to make different dishes. There are as many different dishes as there are cooks in the kitchen.

What You Can Accomplish

I have modeled my strategic planning model after the flexibility of the electron.

I have been helping companies shape their goals for thirty years, and am astonished with what has been accomplished.

Early on I noticed that those people who had vivid imaginations were more successful than others when they articulated their visions and committed them to writing.

In trying to understand why this happened I boiled it down to one fundamental explanation. The world tries to mold itself to the description it is given. It is as if the world senses what you want and tries to give it to you.

Oddly enough, as I studied this I found that experiments conducted with electrons did the same thing. For example, when experiments were set up to measure electrons as particles, electrons became particles, but when they weren’t measured that way they became waves. In other words, the electron is flexible enough to become what you measure it to become. In Quantum Physics, this is called “superposition.”

By extension, my observation is that the world is organized to give you what you ask for. And the reason for this is that the fundamental building block of the universe is an unusual particle that is infinitely flexible. We are able to do new things because the electron is flexible enough to allow us to do anything.

It’s All About The Electron

There are many things between us and the electron: atoms (proton, neutron, electron), molecules (hydrogen), macromolecules (DNA), organelles (mitochondria), cells, tissues, organs, organ systems. But, know this, at the base of it all is the electron. If there are no electrons, there is no you.

You can do anything, because the substance from which you evolved can do everything. And everything between you and the electron has evolved with that same bent.

When you grow up and have physical and academic challenges like I did, you quickly realize that without the ability to adjust, you are not going to have much success in life. Thank goodness there are margins within which there is enough flexibility to maneuver in ways that are unique to you as an individual. In this life I have found that you can do things in your own way and meet with success. I have concluded that the universe allows for that.

At its very soul the universe is very fluid, and the electron doth make it so.

I am grateful the electron exists. To my way of thinking the electron can perform miracles. It can disappear into another dimension, then reappear out of nowhere just like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland.

Fortunately, there’s an infinite supply of electrons. No matter how many electrons we use up, there will continue to be more that come into supply. With that in mind, ultimately there are no shortages of anything – oil, water, etc. As long as we have the electron, we will forever grow richer and richer.