Eat Smarter: 3 Easy Tips to Implement Today – Part 2

Part 2: It’s Time To Dig In, Without Having To Dig Yourself Out

Chew More: Slow down and spend more time chewing your food. Chewing each bite for 15 seconds will allow for better digestion. It also allows the satiety (fullness) signals from your stomach to your brain to work their magic so you’ll ultimately feel full without overeating.

Familiar Meals: Eating the same healthy foods you love for each meal will leave you more satisfied, sooner. For example, if you consistently eat oatmeal and fruit each morning for breakfast – you’ll feel fuller sooner than you would if you ate something different every day.

Go Nutty: Eat peanuts or pistachios that come in the shell. This allows you to enjoy all of the nutty goodness, and all of that shell cracking fun will slow down how fast you eat. In the end, you will feel more satisfied, eating less.
Now that you’re done eating, you can move onto the fun stuff.
Take a walk. Take a hike. Take a ride. Play active video games. Go sledding. Play tag. Have a swim.

What you do is up to you. Just move. Enjoy a nice meal, have fun, and just enjoy life.

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