Eat Smarter: 3 Easy Tips to Implement Today – Part 1

With some simple tricks up your sleeve, you can save yourself the ups and downs of crash diets, and fad-foods.

Here are just 3 of 6 simple and effective ways to decrease how much you eat and become more mindful when meal time arrives:

Drink more water: Water is essential for optimal health and drinking more is not always easy.  When it comes time for a meal, reach for foods that are higher in water content and you’ll not only hydrate yourself better, but you’ll also reduce the number of calories you eat. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1999; 70:448-445) reported participants ate 16% less when they consumed foods higher in water content and were just as satisfied with their meal compared to more energy dense foods.

Appreciate hunger pangs: Ignoring initial hunger signals (slight growling in the stomach) can put you at risk of making poor food choices later on. Researchers in 2013 showed that hunger impairs our food-making decisions and makes us more susceptible to making poor food choices.  Instead of giving in to the impulse of eating anything in sight, or making a quick trip to the vending machines – drink 12 ounces of water to take the edge off your hunger to then make a smart food choice.

Eat with friends and family: Socializing during dinner is not only more fun, but will also lead to slower eating. Talk it up and leave a little food on your plate. People who regularly eat with family and friends are more satisfied with their meal. Make eating enjoyable!

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