Dark Matter, Dark Energy

Scientists are now entertaining the possibility of a dark universe right next to our light universe. ( light means light waves coming from stars.)

For religionists, there is hope that God could be hidden in the dark universe which can guide the light universe.

I can’t dismiss the idea, but I can’t prove it.

Is it, therefore, worth talking about?

The idea of a dark universe next to our light universe that actually holds our light universe together is very appealing to me.

It spans new ideas worth considering, like, maybe dark matter is a kind of gravity leaking through its domain to hold our light universe from spinning apart.

It’s counter intuitive to how we think, but that may be the  catalyst to not only expanding our thinking, but expanding our capacity to be able to think more powerfully. This may cause the next phase of homo sapien evolution. Maybe that will be “Homo Super Sapien.”