Act 1.

“The ark of history is long, and gradually bends slightly upward.”

Not really, the ark is more like a corkscrew, it moves in a circular motion, ever rotating back around to just about the same place, but (thank god) slightly above where it was one revolution before.

What do I mean? Humans repeat the same errors, but occasionally break through with flashes of greatness.

I admire human effort to make noble ideas work, like equality before the law. Likewise, the same thing goes for human motivation which turns ideas into pragmatic technologies whose power blankets the world.

With that, life slowly improves, even amidst the mind numbing redundant corkscrew cycles of history.

Act 2

The warehouse of all history is the unconscious mind. We all possess an unconscious mind.

Our unconscious minds literally contains traces of the history of the universe.

Just as our bodies’ DNA is passed from person to person, so too our unconscious minds are inherited from energy to particle, particle to plant, plant to animal, animal to person with history etched on all from the beginning of time.

Break down matter that constructs the unconscious mind, and you’ll find it is the same matter which existed at the beginning of time.

Slowly, our conscious minds evolved from our unconscious minds.

Act 3

My mind (yours too) has two parts, the conscious and the unconscious.

My conscious mind is the cop, it controls and determines my interaction with the everyday world.

When you are talking to me, most likely, you are talking to my conscious mind. It determines what and how I will talk to you.

My conscious mind is very powerful in my life. My conscious mind says what I think you want to hear. It’s how I get by in life.

A breakthrough came when my conscious mind was unable to manage a traumatic event in my life. I felt I had lost control of the future of my life.

One day, literally out of no where, my unconscious mind talked to my conscious mind. At first I thought it was god talking to me. For me, it WAS god talking to me.

Because my unconscious is formed from the history and evolution of the universe, the voice of my unconscious is god.

My conscious mind would listen intently to the voice from the unseen world.
It would give me messages.

My conscious mind would memorize the messages.

Then I would observe how the everyday world would bend and conform to the messages of the unseen world.

My conscious mind stopped being a cop, and started becoming a recorder of all I had observed.

Just as my unconscious mind spoke with the confidence of eternity in it, my conscious mind became strongly rational in the present world we live in.

Act 4

To end:

I reached a balance that was deeply satisfying to me.

For I heard and I saw and I felt and I chronicled

the beautiful harmonic voice of the universe moving

through an otherwise slow, redundant, corkscrew cycling of time.