Big Time Trends – Reeeeally Big

The Computer Age will give way to the Biology Age.

The difference between me (72) and one of my granddaughters (7) is that I conducted my business using revolutionary mobile devices, and my granddaughter will enhance her life by using state of the art medical breakthroughs.

In a lifetime, use of my mobile devices resulted in improving my business efficiency by fifty percent. On the other hand, Innovative medical procedures will extend my granddaughter’s lifespan fifty percent.

Examples are appropriate:


I was one of the first to have a cellular phone in my car. As a management consultant with a national clientele, I was able to consult with clients all over the country as I drove down my hometown freeways in Los Angeles. (The phone was locked into a cradle in the car’s console, and a microphone embedded in the car’s sun visor.)

This allowed me to bill on a minute by minute basis. So, while driving to meet one client, I was consulting with another client in another state. No wasted time. Billing while driving increased revenues on the average of 20 % a year. This was around 1987. Clients were more than happy to engage this way, because at the time the experience was so new and novel. Remember, new and novel sells.


My granddaughter, on the other hand, will measure her health by using a small mobile DNA monitoring device located in her home. She will consult with a doctor via Face Time who will tell her what diseases she may contract twenty years down the road as he looks at her gene images transmitted digitally to his office.

The doctor will prescribe a pill (called Crisper Cas9). The pill will contain a small pair of microscopic scissors and an RNA guiding system ( like your car’s GPS). It will invade the DNA at the desired spot, remove the mutant gene and replace it.

More than likely, by taking this tiny pill (they use injections now), my granddaughter’s lifespan with be increased by at least 20%. Over a lifetime, she might take three or four such pills, depending on what diseases happen to be trapped in her DNA. This will lead to a life forty to fifty years longer than what would have been an average lifespan of between 80 and 85 years today.


My exotic mobile phone device is now used by everyone. Stick earbuds in, and you talk to anyone, not only while you’re driving, but while you’re walking, eating, skying, etc. Not only that, information is now transmitted back and forth via PDF from your pocket size iPhone, and photos are taken, developed, and shared.

Likewise, Crisper Cas9 is now in experimental phase with patients who suffer
form late stage cancer. For all I know, not only will my grandchildren benefit from this exotic treatment, my children will also, maybe even my wife and I will.

It’s all good.