An Inflection Point In History?

The only time in American history, where one political party died and a new one was born, was in the 1850’s. The Whig party died and the Republican Party was born.

The issue that created the break was over slavery. Northerners no longer wanted to allow slavery to grow larger, especially in the western states.

The Republican Party won its first presidential election in 1860 with Abraham Lincoln being voted president.

What this taught us was that the issue of slavery could not be solved through the political process. It resulted in the Civil War.

Is a similar situation brewing in our upcoming election?

I don’t think so. We’ve had third party elections before ( 1912, 1924, 1980, 1992). After the election, these third parties evaporated and went back to the party they broke from.

Is the Republican Party going to collapse and a new party take its place? I doubt it. There is no single issue today that has the strength that the slavery issue of the 1850’s had.

What probably is going to happen is that the Republican Party will become the minority party, losing the election to Clinton in 2016, and a lot of the undercard, and will work hard to become more cooperative in congress and broaden its base for the election of 2020. Even then, it will be hard to beat the incumbent. 2024 is the republicans best chance to regain the presidency.

With that, what do I believe Clinton’s agenda will be:

1. Raise the minimum wage to $15.00
2. Tuition free education for first two years of community college
3. Infrastructure reform.
4. Free preschool education for under served communities.
5. Tax increase for upper 1%
6. Electing a democratic undercard
7. Tax incentives for small businesses
8. Expanding healthcare coverage for last twenty million citizens
9. Appointing progressives to Supreme Court vacancies

She’ll propose this the first one hundred days of her administration and spend the next seven years in getting it passed.