Am I Happy?

Green Tea HP Report Am I Happy

For years I didn’t know what happy was

That’s because I wasn’t clear on what happy was

What I was looking at was what I thought happy was

But I found I was happier than I thought I was

I loved to tease girls until they went away

My mother said no more teasing

If you don’t want them to go away

I stopped for a while and they came around

I found myself becoming attached to one or two

But sometimes they would shed a tear or two

After a while my mind went crazy too

So I returned to teasing those two

Then there was this new one I started teasing hard

But I lost my desire to tease too hard

She had the most beautiful voice I had ever heard

I actually looked in her eyes and saw how soft they were

One night I got lost finding where her home was

And with that gentle voice she asked how I was

I became fine when she asked how I was

I fell in love with her

There was no complexity there

I married her

And joked a little here and there

But not enough to disrupt that gentle voice of hers