A Random Moment

Jim Morrison’s grave stone –

there it was

standing upright,

in a Paris cemetery,

surrounded by

the Argentine Rugby team.


I listened to The Doors’

Touch Me

over and over.


This was in my

adult years

long after I had

lived in Argentina for

for years.


I asked, was that

a random moment?

If not, then what

is a random moment?


Wiki says, “Randomness is

the lack of pattern

or predictability in events.”


My religion does not believe

in random events.

It calls them


and  mysteries



For a time I tried

to understand


from science and math.


Did you know

most scientists

and mathematicians

do not believe

randomness exists?



I continue searching

for randomness.

I’ve  turned to literature

to see if it can be found there.



writers could care less

about randomness.

They dwell on the pain

of life’s mundaneness.


So, It’s up to me.


Where do I stand?

In randomness,

I believe.


Events occur which

can’t be predicted,

those rare


when randomness

meets up with genius,

and the world moves forward.


Human affairs both

small and large turn

when a random moment

intersects with inspiration.

Without a random moment,

inspiration would not work –

predictability would swallow

it up.