5 Tips To Make Your Skin Glow

The skincare industry is a nearly half-trillion dollar industry.

Most of this money is spent on creams, makeups, and other “fixes”.

Why is this the best course of action? It’s not!

We have been told that we need to react; to wrinkles, to lines, to spots, when the best thing we can do is fight against the cause, and not the symptoms.

How do you do this?

In a recent study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, studied the association between nutrition and skin health.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the top tips that you can use today to maintain that youthful glow.

1. Eat More Protein: Lean protein eaten throughout the day, is priority #1 when it comes to a healthy functioning metabolism. The amino acids in your skin are actually replenished by the amino acids found in these lean proteins.

2. Vitamin C: Higher Vitamin C has been associated with a lower likelihood of a “wrinkled appearance”, regardless of race, age, sex, sunlight exposure, and other lifestyle factors. This, according to the same study.

3. Drink Some Green Tea: In addition to keeping you hydrated, green tea has also been shown to reduce inflammation. The antioxidants in a single serving of green tea are more effective than that of a serving of broccoli, spinach, or strawberries. Killing the free-radicals, which cause your cells to age prematurely. Green tea is also a great source of vitamin C.

4. Have Your Fats: Yes, you read that right. Fats get a bad rap. Although not all fats are good, the same is true that not all fats are bad. Getting the right kinds of fats in your diet is essential to maintaining healthy vibrant skin. Look for unsaturated fats, such as linoleic acid, which have omegas, which improve your skin health, and reduce inflammation.

5. Watch Your Carbs: To be clear, we are not saying cut out carbs. We are saying to watch the type of, and the amount of carbs you eat. By reducing your intake of “simple” carbs (sugar, and processed foods) your skin is less likely to appear wrinkled. When you do eat your carbs, look for complex carbohydrates, with fiber, such as vegetables and legumes.