18 Truths About Living Well . . . I Suppose

1. Put square pegs in square holes: when you have to rationalize and over explain to answer a question, it’s probably not true. It’s like putting square pegs in round holes.

2. Make no small plans: reality is all about how big you are able to think and start executing.

3. Don’t abandon people who are down: when someone loses power, authority, or reputation, don’t forget them. That’s how we know whether or not we are capable of loyalty.

4. Never steal credit away from another: but don’t give credit where it is not due. Credit is cheapened in both instances.

5. After thinking, gathering information, and discussing an issue, trust your judgment:
that’s how you discover whether or not you possess good judgment.

6. “Chop wood, carry water”: it’s always about work.

7. Experience it to know it: I know nothing about something, until I have experienced something.

8. It’s almost all opinion: 99% of what I have heard or read during my lifetime is mere opinion.

9. Remember who brought you to the dance: be loyal to those who have helped you along the way. But, don’t let them take advantage of that loyalty either.

10. Look it up: just try to at least get the facts straight. Wiki should always be by your side.

11. Search for agreement: a good sentence is: “let’s see, what is it we agree on?”

12. Take a position: there is no right or wrong, there are only positions.

13. Don’t take love lightly: love makes life worth living.

14. Don’t hurt the littles: they’re a pain at times, but they don’t know that. Just don’t hurt them. Plus they’ll remember the hurt when they’ve grown up. And some of these littles will live to be over 100.

15. Meet needs: you won’t accomplish anything if you are unable to help someone meet their needs.

16. Understand risk: take risks often and early on. That’s how we learn if we are fools at heart.

17. Embrace the secular: don’t be fighting the secular. That’s what allows us to make peace treaties.

18. Create different lives: I’ve worked at creating three or four  different lives for myself.
I don’t know if I understand myself any better, but at least I know I’m not just one thing.