11 Misconceptions About Life Today

I’m probably older than anyone who will be reading this. I readily admit I believe the stuff I wrote below.

Please add to the list if you wish.

And feel free to tell me where you think I’m wrong:

1. Hotel living in a five-star hotel is luxury.
No, after three days, hotel living is a drag, even in a five-star hotel.

2. As advertised.
No, nothing is as good as advertised.

3. Sports is exciting.
No, sports is not exciting. Betting on sports is exciting.

4. When people get old, they’re not happy.
No, the only people who are almost always unhappy are movie stars.

5. America is in trouble.
No, America was in trouble during the Civil War.

6. Travel is for the young and single, and the old and rich
No, travel is for anyone who wants to travel.

7. Men and women are the same.
No, they are merely equal.

8. We are smarter than people were four thousand years ago.
No, it’s just that we are alive right now.

9. Drugs are a blight on our communities.
No, drugs save lives and prevent disease.

10. People are lucky who live close to the beach.
No, people who live close to the beach don’t go to the beach.

11. Life sucks.