10 Predictions About The Future of The Nations of The World

I make predictions about social, political, and economic trends. Mostly, I use these predictions to help businesses have a better feel for the future when they are creating their strategic plans.

I still have contracts with a large number of these companies, so I thought it would be beneficial to share some of that information with you.

My main emphasis this year will be on clarifying the social, political, and economic conditions of nations that have strong relationships with America.

Trend 1. America and Europe

Europe (EU) will continue to be America’s strongest ally for the foreseeable future. The EU’s economy rivals that of America, but lacks America’s dynamism.

Trend 2. America and The Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, etc.)

The middle East will continue to produce oil, but America will be taking less and less of it.

America will establish healthier relations with Iran, making for a safer Middle east.

Trend 3. America and China

These two countries will determine what capitalism and democracy will look like over the next 100 years.

Trend 4. America and Africa

Africa is the new wild west. America has a favored position among most modern African nations, especially South Africa, the home of the great Nelson Mandela.

America’s most powerful politicians ( conservative and liberal) and richest private citizens have impressed the citizens of Africa with their efforts to put an infrastructure in place which will help to unlock Africa’s human and natural resources.

Trend 5. America and Latin America

The west coast of the Americas becomes the new global pacific power. These include Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia.

As these states and countries look out into the Pacific they see the largest new markets the world has ever seen. These include Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia (the largest Moslem nation in the world, but also the most friendly to America), China, the Philippians, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Trend 6. America and War

By far, there are fewer wars today than there have been in centuries. The vast number of nations in the world do not want America to let up on its defense effort.

Trend 7. America and Sectarian Conflicts

Countries may not be at war, but sectarian groups are. The largest sponsor of violence and terror are Islamic Jihadists.

America will continue to build up the most successful special operations capability in history to disrupt, destroy, and transform these groups. Major cities like New York and Los Angeles are doing the same thing to deal with urban terrorism.

Trend 8. America and College Graduates

In the not too distant future America will be producing the greatest number of college graduates in the world.

This suggests that the challenges that plagued us with the elementary and secondary systems have improved, and that our ability to enhance financial aid has succeeded.

Trend 9. America and Immigration

Illegal immigration has slowed to a trickle. Immigration reform will be passed with the result that American educated foreigners will be able to settle in America and start companies that will employ Americans.

Trend 10. America and Investment

A return to normal.

With larger global markets, one can expect a return to a doubling of stock value every seven or so years.